What makes
My Government Online (MGO) Software different?


Permits & Licensing


Permits & Licensing

This module allows you to do anything you’d normally do in-person at your local permitting office. Apply for permits, pay online, request inspections, submit files, download inspection reports and approved plans, check permit status, download permit data, search for permits, and manage contractor and business licenses. Any type of permit can be issued not only Building Permits. We have customers that use our software for Sign, Driveway, Transportation, Alcohol and many other types of permits.


Business Licensing

This is a license to open a business either at home or a store. Some jurisdictions call this Business Tax Receipts. Allows the jurisdiction to renew the license each year and the business owner to pay the annual fee. Ability to handle renewals for any time period (Annual or Monthly) and automatically calculate any late fees.


Fire Permits & Inspections

Fire permits and annual inspections

Land Management


Planning and Zoning

Similar functionality to permits module but with greater focus on subdivision and parcel tracking. Also, special focus on meeting dates and public announcements with powerful project management features.


Land Management / GIS

Unlimited GIS integration with the ability to receive data or create data directly in the GIS. Many out of the box map features that do not require GIS integration. Full property management database to track unlimited property data including address, subdivision, parcel and other land management warnings.


Property Management

Adjudicated Property Tracking, other special property tracking such as “Lot Next Door” or other types of special property programs.

Assets & CMMS


Public Works

Custom modules for all divisions that allow for field inspections, asset tracking and many other customized features for things such as septic tracking, waste water, grease interceptors and more. Full time, materials and labor cost tracking. Map based issue creation and reporting.


Asset Tracking

Ability to track any asset on a map, GPS and RFID tracking. Automated service alerts and full work orders tracking integration available with CMMS management.


Fleet Maintenance

Keeps track of work performed on vehicles. Provides the functionality that a mechanic shop needs along with special integration with asset tracking that are specific to government. Service Request, Inventory Management, Automated Service Alerts and Billing. Integrated with GPS for automated odometer and engine hour alerts. Shows vehicle complete service history.



Ability to track different facilities, set automated service alerts, track work orders on maintenance and repair items.

Community Engagement


Solution Center (311 / Call Center / Code Enforcement

Ability for the public to submit any issue to the jurisdiction through a website or mobile app. Service requests can be for any department with types such as public records requests, road repair, tall grass, highway damage, and abandoned vehicles. Additionally, each service request can be configured to route through the call center or directly to the department responsible for service.


MGO Connect

Public Portal for members of the public to do business with their city without having to comment to their office. Submit online requests and chat with city staff.



Grant Management

Track grant information and drawdowns along with all inspections. Popular to use for housing condemnation programs and CDBG.


MGO Tasks

Mobile app used by city staff to communicate with customers and complete any assigned task. Also includes project and time management features.


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